Football Trademark Facts
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What can a registered ® trademark do for you?

  • It puts the rest of the world on notice that you own the products and services carrying the mark
  • You have the exclusive right to use the mark in the USA for those products or services
  • You can bring legal action to have your mark enforced in federal court
  • You can apply for registration of your mark in other countries
  • You can register your mark with the U.S. Customs Service to block importation of infringing (knock-off) products
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Basic e-filing: $295* plus government application fee. 

* Additional fees  for trademark search or complex correspondence with the Trademark Office.
you know?
FACT: A registered U.S.  trademark can 
last forever, but  the owner may decide not to maintain it.  
FACT: There's no registered U.S. trademark for the phrase, "I'm going to Disney World!" However, that doesn't mean Walt Disney World Resorts® won't mind if you use it (unless of course you really are going there).
FACT: The product name CHEESEHEADS®, used for the novelty hats Green Bay fans wear 
to keep their heads warm (even in Dallas),  is protected by a U.S. trademark registered in
FACT: The National Football League owns 112 active registered U,S. trademarks.  The Green Bay Packers own 25, and the Pittsburgh Steelers own 15.
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